PBX Programming Software, Call Accounting and Tariffication for Panasonic, NEX, and Samsung PABX systems.
Tools for PBX Development and Programming

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Programmators for Panasonic KX-TD1232/816/308, Panasonic KX-TA308/616/624, Panasonic KX-T336/KX-TD500v1, Panasonic KX-123211 Call Accounting Software Programmators for NEC NEAX7400/2400 M100/80, Samsung NX Programmators for Samsung NX Cisco TCL Script Development Emulation KX-TVS50 Settings Configuration Software: TVSAssistant
Panasonic KX- PBX
Call Tariffication:
Samsung PBX
FastIVR Cisco Emulator KX-TVS50 Configuration

A unique VoIP system: IP PBX with call recording

  • VoIP and PSTN Backups

  • 911 Emergency Dialing over PSTN

  • Call Recording

  • Backup on CD or DVD media

  • Scalable: 2 FXO, 4 FXO, Single or Quad T1/E1

  • Secure and Easy-to-Use Firewall/NAT Bypass

  • SIP Phones/Adaptors Automatic Discovery and Configuration

  • Software Upgradeable through Internet:

    • Auto Attendant

    • IVR

    • Voice Mail

    • Call Center

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Programmators for Panasonic KX-TD1232/816/308, Panasonic KX-TA308/616/624, Panasonic KX-T336/KX-TD500v1, Panasonic KX-123211

Panasonic KX-Series Programmator - Windows tools for programming Panasonic family PBX. All products have easy to learn graphical user interface, and allow efficient local and remote programming, management, and administration of a designated Panasonic PBX.


Select your PBX:

Panasonic KX-TD500 and KX-T336

Panasonic KX-TD1232, KX-TD816, KX-TD308  $74.95

Panasonic KX-TA624, KX-TA616, KX-TA308

Panasonic KX-123211  $50.00

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Call Accounting and Tarification Software

WinTariff - Call Accounting and Billing Software - logs all calls and allows further access and processing. Use WinTariff to:

  • Verify your telephone company accounting with your PBX logs

  • Analyze your PBX congestion

  • Divide call accounts between various organizations with a single PBX

  • Make calling accounts to hotel clients

  • Create virtual calling cards

Get a 100% Satisfaction with Your PBX!

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WinTariff - Call Accounting Software


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Programmators for NEC NEAX7400/2400 M100/80

NEC NEAX-Series Programmator - Simplifies access to NEAX 2400/7400 M100/80 PBX parameters. The user interface is easy to learn. The included manual allows you configure and program your PBX even without Installation Manual from the PBX itself.


Select your PBX:

NEAX 2400/7400 M100/80 PBX  $65.00

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Programmators for Samsung NX

Samsung NX-Series Programmator - provides access to all parameters of the popular NX1232, NX820 or NX308 Samsung PBX (KSU). Using this program you'll no longer have to use the cryptic command number system (entered on the system phone) to set your PBX parameters. This will make configuring your PBX much easier in other ways as well, like being able to use a real keyboard to enter extension names.


Select your PBX:

Samsung NX1232, NX820, NX308



This software is not compatible with Samsung DCS or SKP models

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Cisco Emulation Software

FastIVR for Cisco - TCL Development and Cisco Emulation Software is a powerful tool for generating and evaluating TCL scripts for Cisco VoIP-enabled gateways. FastIVR enables the telecom operator to execute and evaluate Cisco TCL IVR scripts locally on a workstation without the need to remove an expensive piece of hardware from production network system.


More information:

Fast IVR for Cisco



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Change KX-TVS50 Settings

KX-TVS50 Settings Configuration Software: TVSAssistant is designed for the most simple and convenient setting of Panasonic Voice Processing System (KX-TVS50) parameters. With the help of this software you can easily and quickly do the following:

  • Create Custom Mailboxes
  • Create Custom Service Menu
  • Set Operator Call Handling
  • Set Telephone/Pager Notification
  • Set all other Panasonic Voice Processing System parameters.

More information:

TVSAssistant - KX-TVS50 Configuration Software



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Turn your PC into a phone answering center! Call Forward No Answer allows you to forward incoming calls to a predetermined number if the original number is not answered after a certain number of rings. This service can be turned on and off in most areas. To activate, press *92. To de-activate, press *93.