Call Accounting Software for your PBX system.
WinTariff - a Call Accounting System for your PBX

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WinTariff - Call Accounting and Tarification Software


Call Accounting Software

WinTariff logs all calls and allows further access and processing. Use WinTariff to:

  • verify your telephone company accounting with your PBX logs

  • analyze your PBX congestion

  • divide call accounts between various organizations with a single PBX

  • make calling accounts to hotel clients

  • create virtual calling cards

Get a 100% Satisfaction with Your PBX!

WinTariff is a Call Accounting Software designed to provide a 100% satisfaction with your PBX. It's been around for more than six years now.

With WinTariff you will be able to edit and add long distance and international codes.

WinTariff allows using the various tariffs for accounts, which is necessary, for example, if your company uses several different telephone companies with different service charges.

You can easily change a format of the final report according to your requirements; to name one, insert your corporate logo. Operations most frequently used  can be stored and invoked with a single button click, which makes it really simple to account your call information with WinTariff.

WinTariff supports local network (LAN) environment - for example, it is possible to dedicate one computer close to the PBX for data recording, and then process that data on your workplace.

WinTariff supports accessing several PBXs at the same time.

System Requirements

WinTariff consists of two basic parts: writing module ATSWIN.EXE and processing module TARIFF.EXE. They can be placed on different computers, therefore they are described separately.

ATSWIN.EXE is a small module (approximately 50 KB) that records data from the PBX. This module must be loaded at all times. Virtually any computer, including the oldest Intel i286 machines, can run this module.

TARIFF.EXE is a processing module of WinTariff package. Together with service files it takes approximately 5 megabytes on a hard disk. The module needs a computer with Intel 386SX or higher, and requires at least 4 MB of available RAM. We recommend at least a 486DX2 processor and  8 MB of RAM.

Compatible PBX'es

WinTarifff was tested with PBX'es Manufactured by:
Panasonic Siemens Ericsson NEC
Lucent Samsung LG Karel

Please contact us if your manufacturer is not on the list.



Screen Shot

Turn your PC into a phone answering center! Per-Call Blocking. Per-Call-Blocking is only in effect for the duration of one call. To activate, press *67. De-activates after each use.