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FastIVR for Cisco - a complete Cisco emulator!

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FastIVR - Cisco Emulation, Development and Testing

FastIVR for Cisco:

Cisco Emulation Software

Execute and evaluate Cisco TCL IVR scripts locally on a workstation

Fast IVR for Cisco is a powerful tool for generating and evaluating TCL scripts for Cisco VoIP-enabled gateways. Fast IVR for Cisco enables the telecom operator to execute and evaluate Cisco TCL IVR scripts locally on a workstation without the need to remove an expensive piece of hardware from production network system. Moreover, Fast IVR for Cisco tool is infused with deep experience in developing and implementing high-capacity flexible Interactive Voice Response programs and strategies - it is the most effective and innovative tool available for customer care, contact, and communications.

Our IVR solution is an essential component in the marketing efforts of top-tier companies in the growing VoIP space. Our IVR solutions offer telecom operators with state-of-the-art technology, so that they can provide superior customer service and very flexible products to their expanding customer base.


  • Cost effective: positive ROI results in just a few months of installation by many of our customers
  • Exact Emulation: works exactly as Cisco VoIP gateway
  • Platform-independent: written in TCL, so that it is fully interoperable with any UNIX, Solaris, Windows or Macintosh

Even though Cisco TCL IVR API is made basically for IVR, it also accesses Cisco call control, including cli, cld (ani, dnis) processing, call routing etc. That overpasses Cisco IOS limitations and lets you easily customize your VoIP network functionality.

Compare Developing IVR Scripts
With and Without the FastIVR for Cisco

Script development without FastIVR

Script development with FastIVR

Development comparison: Cisco Development vs. FastIVR Cisco Emulation Development

Typical process of developing/testing of Cisco IVR script

  1. Editing script
  2. Locking the script
  3. Uploading script to tftp server
  4. Reloading application in Cisco "call application voice load <name>"
  5. Placing a call over telephone line
  6. Repeat 1-5 in case of errors

with Fast IVR for Cisco

  1. Editing script
  2. Testing script in FastIVR for Cisco
  3. Repeat 1-2 in case of errors

Who needs such a long implementation process, when Fast IVR for Cisco can be deployed in a matter of hours and achieves superior results?

  • Every company that owns a voice-enabled Cisco gateway and plans to customize the IVR system functionality benefits tremendously from our solution
  • Every VoIP provider benefits from introducing advanced, exciting, value added services into the VoIP network
  • Every training facility benefits from the knowledge of how to work with Cisco TCL IVR


Demo and Manual

Click below for a screen shot, animated demonstration, or to download a user's manual.


FastIVR Screen Shot - Cisco IVR Script Development View 1000 x 660 px. screenshot
FastIVR Demonstration - TCL Script Development without Cisco View FastIVR for Cisco Demonstration Movie
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Download User's Manual




Demo Movie
Screen Shot
Turn your PC into a phone answering center! Per-Call Blocking. Per-Call-Blocking is only in effect for the duration of one call. To activate, press *67. De-activates after each use.