NEC NEAX Programming Software
Programming software for NEC NEAX 2400/7400 M100/80 PBX

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Programmator - NEC NEAX 2400/7400 M100/80 PBX Programming Software for Windows

Programmator FAQ:

NEC NEAX 2400/7400 M100/80 PBX

Connection problems

After failure to establish the communication with the PBX the program will display the message about the error, containing the supposed reasons - try to eliminate them.

If the reason is not clear, check the following aspects:

  • accuracy of scheme of the connecting cable

  • whether settings of the communication parameters for the PBX and for the program coincide with each other (see 'Settings->Profiles')

  • whether the computer COM-port to which you hook-up the cable is operable (for example, you can hook-up the external modem or the mouse to this port for such inspection)

  • whether the right password for the access to the PBX programming is specified in the settings of the program (if there is a password; it could be changed in 'Settings->Profiles' menu item)

You could try manual connect to the PBX with the aid of the terminal built-in into the program (it is called from 'Windows->Terminal' menu item).

Forced data reading

In case when

  • either was read data file saved before, or if the data were earlier downloaded from the PBX

  • the program is in On Line mode

the program will not repeatedly re-read already available data, when accessing the edit window (for example, Numbering Plan of the 'Parameters' window). However, it is possible to force reading of the required data, if you will click with a mouse at the required line, and will keep pressed the Ctrl key button of the computer keyboard simultaneously.

Moving stations from one group to another

It is possible to move the required stations from one group to the other at the pages Pick Groups, UCD groups and Call Hunting of the 'Stations' window, just by pulling them with a mouse. However, there is another method - first click with a mouse at the final group (to which you need to move the stations), then click with the right button of the mouse and select 'Enter & Move'. You can enter list of the stations, which you need to move to the selected group, in the dialogue window which will appear. (It is not necessary for the stations belong to one group).

Turn your PC into a phone answering center! Call Screen. You can have certain phone numbers screened. To add numbers to your Call Screen list, press *60.