PBX Programming Software, Call Accounting and Tariffication for Panasonic, NEX, and Samsung PABX systems.
Tools for PBX Development and Programming

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The following software programs are try-before-you-buy  products. You may use a free fully functional evaluation version of our software for 30 days.

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Programmators for Panasonic KX-TD1232/816/308, Panasonic KX-TA308/616/624, Panasonic KX-T336/KX-TD500v1, Panasonic KX-123211 Programmator:
Panasonic KX-TD1232/816/308
Panasonic KX-TA308/616/624
Panasonic KX-T336/KX-TD500v1
Panasonic KX-123211
Programmators for NEC NEAX7400/2400 M100/80, Samsung NX Programmator:

NEC NEAX7400/2400 M100/80

Programmators for Samsung NX Programmator:

Samsung NX PBX

Call Accounting Software Call Accounting Software:


KX-TVS50 Configuration Software

KX-TVS50 Configuration Software: TVSAssistant


Cisco Emulation Software, IVR Script Development Cisco Emulator for TCL Script Development:

FastIVR for Cisco


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Turn your PC into a phone answering center! Call Display PLUS service. If you subscribe to Call Display PLUS, you have the option of blocking anonymous calls. Just dial *77 and your telephone will not ring for anonymous calls. You can de-activate this service at any time by pressing *87.