Panasonic KX-1232111 Programming Software
Programming software for Panasonic KX-1232111 PBX

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Programmator - Panasonic KX-1232111  Programming Software


Panasonic KX-1232111 PBX

The Programmator is a programming tool for the Panasonic KX-1232111  PBX. It provides programming, management, and administration of the PBX'es. With Programmator you can adjust your PBX parameters from within the easy to understand graphical user interface.

Certainly, you can solve the same problem by thumbing through 500 pages of the Panasonic KX-1232111 Installation Manual and using a proprietary phone, but this tool will make it a lot easier. Almost all PBX features can be easily changed using simple actions known to all Windows users. A built-in manual will help solving most common problems.


  • change settings of the Panasonic KX-1232111  PBX with the aid of convenient graphic interface
  • commands are grouped in accordance with functional area, making common operation of the exchange noticeably easier
  • save status of the exchange in a file on a disk - backup and restore status of the exchange after malfunctions or create several configurations for various conditions

System Requirements

  1. Windows 3.1 or higher operating system
  2. 1.5Mb of the disc space

Compatible PBX'es

The following Panasonic PBX'es are supported:

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Screen Shot
Turn your PC into a phone answering center! Busy Call Return. To activate, press *66. To de-activate, press *86.