Panasonic KX-TA Series Programming Software
Programming software for Panasonic KX-TA624, KX-TA616, KX-TA308 PBX

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Programmator - Panasonic KX-TA624, KX-TA616, KX-TA308 Programming Software for Windows

Programmator FAQ:

Panasonic KX-TA624, KX-TA616, KX-TA308 PBX

  • If you fail to connect to the KX-TA PBX
  • Simultaneous parameters editing of several internal phones (Extensions) or external (CO) lines

    If you fail to connect to the KX-TA PBX

    1. After an unsuccessful attempt to connect to the KX-TA PBX the program will display an error message and the possible causes that may assist in fixing this problem.
    2. If the reason is not clear check the following:
      • Proper pin-layouts of the connecting cable
      • Check that the communication parameters of the KX-TA PBX and the program are the same. Use the 'Settings - COM-port' window of the program and the 800 command from the proprietary telephone to discover what they are
      • Is the COM-port of the computer, to which the cable from the KX-TA PBX is connected, working correctly? To verify operation of this COM port try connecting it up to an external modem or mouse
      • Do not mix up the LPT1-port of the computer (used for connection of a printer; 25 way plug of the 'female' type) and the COM-port (9 or 25 way plug of the 'male' type; most computers have 2 COM-ports) Only the COM-port is used for the programming process
      • Check whether the correct password to access the programming mode of the KX-TA PBX is specified in the setup of the program (it can be changed in the 'Settings - System' window)

    The program only supports the last generation of KX-TA PBXs with a ROM that is higher than the Y581 type. Other versions (ROM Y501 и Y551) can not be programmed at all from the external computer (although it is possible to upgrade ROM chip to newer version). You can verify the ROM version from the proprietary telephone by using the 998 command.

    Simultaneous parameters editing of several internal phones (Extensions) or external (CO) lines

    Please note that it is possible to highlight (by pressing Shift + mouse) several icons within the 'Extensions' or 'CO-lines' window. When all of the items have been selected call the common edit window for all the internal phones or CO-lines. After editing only modified parameters will be copied to the highlighted items and those parameters that were different prior to editing and have not been changed will still be different after the completion of the editing procedure. This can be useful if it is necessary to assign the same parameter for a number of items


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