Panasonic KX-TD Series Programming Software
Programming software for Panasonic KX-TD1232, KX-TD816, KX-TD308 PBX

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Programmators for Panasonic KX-TD1232/816/308, Panasonic KX-TA308/616/624, Panasonic KX-T336/KX-TD500v1, Panasonic KX-123211

Programmator FAQ:

Panasonic KX-TD1232, KX-TD816, KX-TD308 PBX

  • If you are having trouble connecting to the PBX
  • Compelled data reading
  • Data export to the text file
  • If problems occur while reading the data
  • Pin layout of the connecting cable
  • How to Program KX-TD1232/KX-TD816/KX-TD308 Remotely without Remote Cards?
  • Trouble connecting

    1. After the unsuccessful attempt of setting the connection to the PBX the program will display the message about the mistake with the supposed reasons - try to remove them 2. If the reason is not clear, check the following items : proper pin layout of the connecting cable whether the settings of the communication parameters of the PBX coincide with the communication parameters of the program (option 'Settings->Profiles') whether the computer COM-port, to which you have connected the cable coming from the PBX is operable (it is possible, for example, to connect an external modem or a 'mouse' to this port for this inspection) whether the correct password used for the access to the PBX programming is specified in the program settings (it is possible to change this password in the 'Settings->Profiles' option) 3. It is possible to try to connect to the PBX manually with the aid of the terminal built-in into the program (it can be activated in the 'Windows->Terminal' menu option).

    Data reading

    In order to speed the operation, the program tries to minimize the volume of the data, which are received from the PBX. For example, for all dialogs of the 'Parameters' window, data from the PBX will be downloaded only during the first activation of the corresponding dialog window. If you will repeatedly enter the same window, the earlier downloaded data will be used and the new data exchange with the PBX will not take place. However, sometimes it can be necessary to force the program to carry out the repeated data downloading from the PBX. For this purpose, the following shall be carried out: press and keep pressed the key with the letter 'F' on the key board of your computer - you will hear the periodical clicks without releasing the key, click a mouse on the required object In the same way it is possible to force the program to download data into the PBX when exiting the dialog window - press 'F' and click a mouse on the 'Ok' button The same technique can be also used in the 'Extensions' and 'Trunks' windows

    Text export

    It is possible to save data to the TXT-format file (you can edit and look it through with the aid of any editor) - For this purpose, after data downloading from the PBX, use the 'File->Export to txt' option of the main menu

    Problems reading data

    For understanding of the reasons of the occurred problems the following possibilities can be useful: the program records its status at the moment of the generation of the mistake (simultaneously with date and time) into the Error.log file - it is located in the same folder, as the main executed file of the program. The Error.log file has the text format, that is why you can easily look it through with the aid of any editor. besides this, it is possible to switch on the copying process for all the data flow, which is coming from the PBX into the separate text file - this can be useful while analyzing the situation. For this purpose, enter this file name into the 'File->Log to file' menu item at the beginning of the problem space (i.e. before execution of the action, which causes the mistake).

    PIN layout

    The following scheme, which is used here differs from the standard cable connection of an external modem (This is a null-modem cable), you can have either to buy a null modem cable (be sure to check its compliance with the contact scheme, which is given below), or to remake it out of the regular modem cable (it is necessary to swap wires in 3 pairs). Usage of the regular 9x25 adapters together with the cable of the proper pin layout is allowed. If you are intended to use the 9-contact connector in your computer, then you need to use the following scheme (numbers are corresponding to the number of the pin. A 25-contact 'male' connector - on the left, 9-contact 'female' connector - on the right)


    Cable 25pin - 25pin:
    Contact PBX Contact PC
    1 1
    2 3
    3 2
    4 5
    5 4
    6 20
    7 7
    20 6
    Cable 25pin - 9pin:
    Contact PBX Contact PC
    2 2
    3 3
    4 8
    5 7
    6 4
    7 5
    20 6

    Remote Administration

    The instructions describe how to prepare Panasonic KX-TD1232/816/308 PBX for remote administration using external modem, connected to RS-232 serial port of PBX, and Panasonic KX-TD1232/816/308 Windows Programming Software.


    It is necessary to follow points 3, 4 and 5 of this instruction strictly in that sequence, in which they are indicated: at first point 3, then point 4 and then point 5. The modification of fulfillment of these items is inadmissible!


    1. Install our Programming Software on your computer. Open progpan.ini file, (it locates in the Windows directory) after completion of installation, with any text editor (for example, NOTEPAD), find [Communications] section and add the following line:


      Save the file.


    2. Prepare a cable to connect the modem to PBX: (both plugs of a cable should be 25-pin "male"; pay attention, that pin assignment of a cable is asymmetrical - do not confuse plugs when connect the cable to PBX).


    3. Set (with proprietary phone or with our Software using ordinary direct cable connection) following parameters of the PBX COM-port (it's important):

      baud rate = 9600 bauds,
      word length = 8 bits,
      stop bit = 1,
      parity = none.

      If your PBX version supports the external modem, clear up initialization line for the external modem in PBX settings.


    4. Connect the external modem to the computer by an ordinary modem cable and run any terminal software (HyperTerm from Windows95/98, for example). Set the parameters of your PC COM port (9600,8,1,NONE) the same as in point 3, and send the following commands to modem (commands that correspond for US Robotics Sportster modem are shown in brackets, they may vary for your modem - see your modem documentation)

      reload default settins (AT&F0)
      hang-off (ATS0=1)
      quite mode (ATQ1)
      load into flash-memory (AT&W0)


    5. Disconnect the modem from computer and connect it to the RS232 port of PBX by a cable, which was described in point 2. Connect the modem to the phone line. Run our Software on your computer, (another modem is assumed to be connected to the computer (either internal or external with help of ordinary modem cable)).


    Com port Icon

    Select an menu item "Settings - COM port", choose COM -port, which is used to communicate with the second modem, and set the same parameters of COM port, as in point 3.


    Remote Screen

    Then go to the menu item "Work-Via Modem" and type in a field "Number" either:

    atdpXXXXXXX - if you have pulse dialing


    atdtXXXXXXX - if you have tone dialing

    • where XXXXXXX is the number you must dial to connect with remote modem.

    That is all! Now everything depends only from the quality of your phone line. If it is good enough, you'll see green ON LINE message at the right lower corner of the main program window after modems connection is established (after a short delay).



    Turn your PC into a phone answering center! Call Forward Variable allows you to forward incoming calls to any number you choose. To activate, press 72#. To de-activate, press 73#.