Samsung NX PBX Programming Software
Programming software for Samsung NX308/820/1232 PBX

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Programmator - Samsung NX308/820/1232 Programming Software for Windows


Samsung NX308/820/1232

How link to Samsung NX System?

In order to be linked with the station you will need the following component parts:

  • Interface card NX-SMDR/R-MMC installed on the key system - this card has two ports for hookup of the external computer (it has two plug-and-sockets of "female" type with 9 contacts). There two holes with inscriptions "R-MMC" and "SMDR" on the left of the NX key system. Usually this card is not included in basic NX complete set and shall be purchased additionally.
  • Properly wired connecting cable - look for cable pins assignment scheme.

If you have all this stuff, you should switch one cable end to the free COM-port of your computer, and the other one - to the R-MMC plug-and-socket of the NX-SMDR/R-MMC card.

Important: All commutations are recommended to be carried out, after you will switch-off the computer.

Preliminary Programming of the Samsung NX System

If you never used the NX system programming from external computer, you shall carry out several additional operations in order to prepare the system:

  • Enter the programming mode with system telephone

  • Look for and remember the parameters of COM2 port (it corresponds to the R-MMC plug-and-socket of the NX-SMDR/R-MMC interface card) within the MMC80 command. You will need them later during adjustment of the program. Most likely it will be 9600 (transmission speed), 8 (word length in bits) and NONE (parity control)

  • "REMOTE STN" shall be nominated within this program – it is a digital telephone, whose display will simultaneously reflect the programming process. Most likely, you will nominate here the same telephone, with the aid of which you usually carry out programming of the system (the REMOTE STN nomination is obligatory, otherwise the system will prevent the external computer from entering the programming mode!)

  • Besides that, it is recommended to increase the value of the "MMC OUT" parameter within the MMC50 command (if you did not carry out it yet). This parameter specifies, how soon after the last pressing of a button the system will automatically exit programming mode (in case, if after making some changes in the program of the station you will forget to bring it back to the regular operation mode).

How to Adjust the Communication System of the Program?

Before starting program operation you shall adjust its communication parameters - i.e. you have to indicate, which computer COM-port is used for connection with the NX system and which parameters shall be used for this purpose. For that purpose you should act as follows:

  • Select option "Settings" of Main menu, and then the "Profiles" option

  • Select the profile with the mark in column Def (originates from the word Default – means "used by default") from the list of saved profiles. (The parameters of this very profile shall be used during setting of the communication with the NX system)

  • Press Edit button– the window for editing of the selected profile parameters shall open after it

  • Here you shall specify the following parameters:

    • proper number of the COM-port, being used at your computer for connection with the NX system;

    • connection speed (Speed, normally it is 9600), word length (Word length, normally it is 8 bits), number of stop bits (Stop bits, normally it is 1) and the applied method of parity control (Parity, normally it is NONE). In this clause it is important to specify the values, which are similar to those already have been set at the NX system for the similar parameters (See Preliminary programming of the Samsung NX system) – otherwise the connection with the system will be impossible!

  • You shall specify password, as well (Password), which shall be used to access the NX system – if you did not change it after the installation of the station, it will be equal to "4321"

  • Other parameters refer to setting a communication with the aid of the modem bridge and it is possible not to change them for the moment.

  • Press Ok button to save the introduced values.

If the Program Failed to Connect with PBX

  1. Usually in case of problem program shows diagnostic window with description of failure reasons - try to remove them.

  2. If failure reason is not clear:

    • check connection cable

    • check that REMOTE STN is assigned in MMC80

    • check that communication parameters (speed, parity, word length and stop bits) have the same values as for program (see dialog "Settings - Profile") and in PBX (MMC80);

    • get sure that computer COM-port is in order (try, for example, use that port to connect temporary external modem or mouse pointer);

    • check that you are using correct PBX access password (4321 by default) - you can adjust it in the dialog "Settings - Profile".

  3. There is a convenient method to control program actions - take a look at LCD display of station assigned as REMOTE STN in MMC80

  4. Try to connect PBX manually using build-in terminal emulation window (see "Windows - Terminal" menu item). To initiate connection procedure press button TAB on the computer keyboard.

Is there a way to speed-up data exchange?

Sorry, it is impossible - data exchange speed depends on internal architecture of Samsung NX PBX and it seems there is no way to increase it.

For different PBX models total read/upload time may vary from 20 to 60 minutes.


Turn your PC into a phone answering center! Call Forward Fixed allows you to forward calls to a single fixed number. You can turn the service off and on whenever you like. To activate, press 79# or 72#. To de-activate, press 73#.